Q. How did the idea of Luchtsingel arise?
A. See The idea


Q. How long did it take to implement the concept?
A. 3 years

Q. Which license(s) are/were applied ?
A. A standard permit for temporary structures. Also a comprehensive environmental permit for temporary projects.

Q. How long was it before the license was issued ?
A. 32 weeks

Q. Who is the owner of the bridge ?
A. From the Luchtsingel Foundation where the partners in ZUS governance constitute the bridge is built. When the bridge is completed, it will be owned by Rotterdam Township. After completion the bridge is donated to the city.

Q. How long is the bridge?
A. 390 meters

Q. Why is the bridge yellow?
A. Yellow is the color of temporality. And the Luchtsingel is build as a temporary structure.

Q. Which wood material is used?
A. ( 1 ) Douglas FSC CU – COC – 008 572 , or PEFC certified and ( 2 ) FSC azobe CU – COC – 008 572 .

Q. What is the status of the bridge?
A. Completed.

Q. Why did it take so long for the the bridge to be finished?
A. During the construction process you deal with different actors (municipalities, co-operations, residents, e.g.), factors with various laws and regulations. Due to the complex mixture of aspects it makes it difficult to create an accurate timescale. To give an example: an application permit can be delayed for some reason or miscommunication can arise between various actors resulting in modifications of the original plans which results in a delay of the planning. Since we are working within a public place there are a lot of stakeholders with different desires and needs which can cause delay. In summary: a building construction is more complex than it seems.

Q. When was the bridge finished ?
A. We celebrated the official opening of the Luchtsingel on June 20th of 2015.

Q. How long will the bridge last?
A. The bridge is permitted as a temporary building which lasts up to 5 years with a possible extension for another five years. At this moment, this legislation is reviewed and maybe converted to 10 years with a renewal option of 10 years.


Q. What was the goal of the crowdfunding campaign?
A. There are two main reasons for crowdfunding the bridge. The first reason is economical, it generates revenue which allows a start to be made with the construction. Making a start in its turn generates attention and attracts more participants, which also makes it easier to procure other kinds of contributions. Secondly crowdfunding creates a popular support for the project and contributes to its legitimacy and firmly embedding it in the city.

Q. How many crowdfunders are there?
A. Over 2000

Q. Do you know most of the crowdfunders?
A. No. Most crowdfunders are not from our own network.

Q. How many planks have been sold?
A. We have already sold over 4000 planks

Q. The bridge is finished. Can I still buy a plank?
A. There are still a number of blank planks on the bridge that you can buy and personalize with your message.

Q. How can I buy a plank?
A. If you have a Dutch bank account you can buy a plank on or website. If you live abroad or have a foreign bank account you can send an email to info@luchtsingel.org. Then we will send you more information on how to order a plank. After payment we will make your plank.

Q. Do I get a discount if I’m from Rotterdam?
A. There is no difference made between crowdfunders, but keep an eye on the promotions.

Q. How long will it take for my plank to be placed?
A. We gather all orders once a month, so it should take no more than 4 weeks for your plank(s) to be placed.

Q. Will I receive a notification when my plank will be placed?
A. You will receive an e-mail once the plank is placed. In this e-mail we will also tell you the location of your plank on the bridge.

Q. Can a choose a location for my plank?
A. You can not. We decide the location and place all new planks together on the available parts of the bridge.

Q. Where is my plank ?
A. We cannot tell exactly where your plank will be, but we can tell you in which part of the bridge your plank will be placed.

Q. What are the privileges of a crowdfunder ?
A. Besides that your name or message will be on the bridge, you will be personally informed about the events that will take place in and around the Luchtsingel.

Q. Where can I register for the newsletter?
A. You can send an email to info@luchstingel.org

Q. Who are the organizations listed on the website?
A. See Partners

Q. Has the bridge created more liveliness in the area?
A. Yes indeed! In 2001 the area was a zero tolerance zone and now it is a place where many people reside. When the project was completed it created a public connection between the Centre and the North. People of all ages and even athletes use the bridge to get around town. The Luchtsingel is also often used as a location for photoshoots and videos! Especially the foot of the bridge behind the Schieblock is a popular spot for people to hang out in the sunshine.