4 stages of the bridge

The Bridge
The Luchtsingel is a 390 meter wooden bridge for pedestrians that connects the Center and the North of Rotterdam. It is a triggering force for new developments in a part of the city that has been forgotten for a long time. The bridge is also a catalyst for economical growth. Because of its length and its complex structure, the bridge is built and assembled in segments. There were a total of six phases for construction. The first phase was realised in 2012 and the last part was built in August of 2014. The official opening of the Luchtsingel was on August 20th of 2015.

DakAkker (Rooftop Garden)
On the roof of the Schieblock, is the first harvestable garden in the Netherlands, cultivating fruits, vegetables, herbs and even honey. It functions as a space for experimentation with different manners of growing vegetables on building rooftops. The DakAkker was built in 2012 by Binder Groenprojecten, with concept and design from ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] and development and collaboration from Rotterdam Milieucentrum (Environmental Centre of Rotterdam). This rooftop garden is a part of the Stadsinitiatief (city initiative) Luchtsingel project.

Station Hofplein
In collaboration with Hofbogen b.v. and local entrepreneurs the roof of the Hofbogen will be the landing site of the Luchtsingel. The roof will house both events and small-scale initiatives. Greening the roof will create a unique place to picnic or walk with magnificent views of the city. The potential of the roof has already contributed to a positive business climate for entrepreneurs in and around the Hofbogen area.

Park Pompenburg
Pompenburg was a storage area situated between busy roads and rail, but has been transformed into a unique place for Rotterdam: Park Pompenburg. The surrounding landscape provides space for recreation and urban agriculture, such as a lawn, a coopperative quarter, sports courts and barbecue areas. The park is the pivoting point within a larger network of public green.