Construction over the railway

After a long period of silent preparations, in which we worked hard on a water tight contract with the contractor, the installation of a supervisory board, the necessary building permits issued by the municipality and ProRail, and statements of cooperation by several landowners, the construction of the Luchtsingel can finally be resumed. Now all the stakeholders are in agreement and the building permits are issued, construction of phase 5 can start. On the 3rd of November at 01.00 o’clock in the morning the bridge sections above the railway will be guided in to place. At that time all the railway tracks will be shut down because of construction works at the Central Station. Within a time window of 5 hours the Royal BAM will assemble the two sections of the Luchtsingel. Construction will continue in late November with phase 4. Next summer the Luchtsingel will be completed. (More information on the planning can be found under Bridge).