Trees selected for Pompenburg City Park

Plans for Luchtsingel are final and construction has begun, now there are the first concrete steps to be taken to establishment Park Pompenburg: the greening of the location Pompenburg / Couwenburg. A number of trees have been selected from the tree depot of the municipality of Rotterdam. By recycling these trees the City Initiative, The Luchtsingel makes a sustainable contribution to the redevelopment of the city.

The trees were not chosen for typical urban landscape such as sycamores, but for various types that match the urban agriculture in Pompenburg Park, one of the future functions of the park.

From the Lime trees blossom tea can be made, the seeds from the Chinese Varnish tree can be roasted edible just like a hazelnut. The construction of Park Pompenburg starts in 2014 with the optimum time for planting the trees being in the fall of 2014.